Monday, April 17, 2017

Le Marin, Martinique

So much for my good intentions to post more often. I'll try to fill in as much as I can. We are now back in Le Marin, Martinique after spending three weeks enjoying all that San Diego has to offer and then off to the east coast to celebrate our oldest son James' wedding.
It was great to have all of our children and grandchildren in one place for more than a few hours. The wedding was on the eastern Chesapeake Bay in an attractive small town called St Michael, where allegedly the locals fooled my former countrymen to expend vast amounts of ammunition by placing lanterns in the hills above the town in 1814. But I digress.
The pre wedding crab fest extravaganza went well as did the nuptials themselves. We think that a good time was had by all.
On Sunday we spent the evening on the Jersey shore and discovered the rather strange town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey and then on to Long Island to spend the evening with some old friends of ours from my residency days.
We flew out of JFK direct to Martinique on Tuesday and found Callisto to be in excellent condition, having slaved away to get her very clean and tidy prior to our departure.
We are awating a haul out tomorrow as unfortunately this could not be done over the Easter holiday.
We hope that the weather will comply and that we can do all of our bottom painting without too much rain. Unfortunately, the forecast is not too good.
The prop, bowthruster and wear out bearings will be serviced and a new Spurs rope cutter replaced.
If all goes well, we should get splashed again on Friday and we will continue north to Puerto Rico and then Ft. Lauderdale.
The Groom

James, Denny and Jeff

crabs, major operation

Sydney, Mabry and Ben

our house rental at St Michael

The Inn at Perry Cabin

The Admiral and daughters

The bride and groom

All of us in one spot. a rare event

Annapolis Naval College

Katie and bridesmaids Sydney and Mabry